None of these dives, and there were a total of 39, were just for the sake of the record

All of them aimed to map the deepest ocean floors and discover new species, which allowed Five Deeps the help of several oceanographic institutes. For Omega, the interest was even more evident, since the brand is reaching the highest valuation record in the watch industry. They broke the permanent replica watches record by a hair (or more precisely five feet) to make the point. However, that wasn't enough, so Omega decided to put all Ultra Deep watches through the METAS certification procedure after returning from the diving expedition. Each of them passed with flying colours, chronometry, magnetism and of course including the water resistance test.

Five Deep is not resting on its laurels. The ship and its submarine return to it with a new campaign, which began in July 2020. They welcome new participants on board, including Kathy Sullivan, the first American woman in space in 1984. She will soon be joined by Kelly Walsh, son of Don Walsh, who was the Captain of Trieste, the submarine that first conquered Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the world, in 1960.“At Hublot, we are particularly proud of the Art of Fusion,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. “But the list of things we love also includes the ability to innovate, change, be different and, of course, our expertise in watchmaking. This Big Bang Millennial Pink that we created with Lapo Elkann of Garage Italia fits perfectly into this pioneering vision. Our expertise in materials technology has allowed us to create a unique color for this Hublot watch, Millennial Pink, a symbol of the world at our disposal, in its constant state of flux.”

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