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Attract New Customer...

Beat Competiton... Innovate Your Practice!

Continues Innovation is key to success in Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Business Needs

Build World Renowned Medical Tourism Program


Create competitive differentiator for your services in this highly competitive “me too” market

Attract domestic & international patients based on unique solution and clinical excellence

Increase patient revenues and market share

Develop global alliances to support sustainability of the business

Create Center for Excellence

Medical Tourism Business Opportunities

Domestic and International Market Presence

Establish as the top international brand

Product Differentiator, Brand Awareness, Targeted Marketing


Grow revenue from domestic and international patient base

CRM , Patient Acquisition & Coordination

International Collaborations

Create bilateral collaborations with top global organizations

Renowned Centers Worldwide, Channel Partnerships

Customer Loyalty

Through Technology Integration

Mobile Apps, patient care/nurturing, data-based research

PlacidCare Continuum of Care

PlacidCare Re-imagine Hybrid Medical Tourism

Digital Marketing

Customer Education

Online Consultation

Global Telemedicine


In-Patient Care


Lifestyle Management

Sustainable Patient Acquisition: Next GENERATION

Program Management Focused

Learning Focused

Processes Focus

Sustainable Patient Acquisition: Next GENERATION

Strategic Focused

Technology Focused

Marketing Focused

PlacidTracks Patient Acquisition System

Strategy & Management

Technology Integration

Marketing Solutions

Patient Coordination Process

Knowledge Management

Technology Integration

Marketing Infrastructure


Persona / Use Case Level

Defining personas and their potential use cases

Customer Results

Specific case studies – who has been treated and what are the specific result. Customer testimonials, follow-ups

Disease Level

Specific disease level – how it will solve the specific diseases, expectations management, how, what, why, etc.

Doctor Level

Identification of doctor’s certifications, credentials, specific procedures expertise and their specific success stories, technical findings

Center Level

Marketing of Center’s actual credentials for specific treatments. Facility trust and visual impact marketing

Country / City Level

Promotion of specific country / city features and benefits

Benefits of Systematic Implementation

Return on Investment

Speed to market & avoiding common expensive mistakes

Decision Support Tool

A tool that defines feasibility and resource requirements for critical decisions which will eventually optimize cost


Increases inter- & intra- enterprise collaboration and stakeholder buy-in

Industry Best Practices

Leveraging lessons learned and proven industry solutions which are executable

Focused Program

Create a structured path forward

PlacidWay Global Leader

Replacing existing limitations and rigid processes with bold possibilities in Medical Tourism


Global brand recognition in medical tourism

Comprehensive global network

1000s medical centers in 50 countries

Long history

15 years of medical travel industry experience

In-depth education platform

Profiles, packages, pricing, case studies, videos

Global patient base

Americas, Europe, Middle East, CIS, Africa & Asia

CRM platform

Best in industry – directly connecting patients and providers

PlacidWay Services

Strategic Business Planning

Technology AI Chatbot, SMS, IVR, Email, Video

Patient Access & Acquisition Management

Online Marketing

Technology Integration

Hybrid Medical Tourism

Market Research & Feasibility

Tools Applications CRM / Mobile Apps


Management Consulting / Advisory

Create Unique Business Expansion Opportunity

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